Playground Equipment

There’s nothing quite so precious in the world as the laughter of children while they play outside together at the playground. As mobile devices are becoming more and more popular among the younger set, it is increasingly important that we provide growing children with the opportunity to play outside in a safe and fun environment.

Here at SturdyBilt Agencies, we are firm believers in the importance of outdoor play in children’s development, so we have a wide range of playground equipment on offer. All of our play equipment is manufactured sustainably right here in Australia using only the finest materials. The aluminium frames, extrusions, and fixings of our products are all recyclable. Any timber used is sourced from sustainable or plantation forests.

Our commercial playground equipment is ideal for local public parks or school environments. With so many options to choose from, you can create a play environment that is truly unique and that kids will love.

Outdoor Play Equipment

Choose from complete school playground equipment, like the Harcourts, Smithton, Bourke, East Devonport or Penguin, among others. Each offers its own unique combination of play activities for kids to enjoy. For example, the Harcourts offers several ladders for kids to climb up into the structure and a slide to get back down.

The Bourke includes a climbing wall, two shaded platform areas, and monkey bar rings for the little ones to enjoy. The Penguin offers two climbing nets and a bumpy slide on the way down. Each play set has its own unique attractions, so children will never get bored while playing on them.

Single Play Options

We offer standalone play equipment as well. The mud kitchen lets kids get their hands dirty in several trays of sand and mud, and the cable rider provides the opportunity to fly through the air along a zip line. Be sure to include a soft fall for playgrounds underneath to keep the kids safe.

For the littlest ones, we offer motion rockers so they can bounce back and forth on trains, boats, cars, or even dolphins! The Coobar is a delightful hammock swing that is fun for all ages.

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This is just a small sampling of the playground equipment we have on offer. Browse through our offerings, or give us a call at 1800 113 110 to learn more about our engaging and exciting play products. You can also use our online contact form to request more information.